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Kidding 2015 - 2016


          R - Reserved

          NFS - Not for Sale

         # 2nd Buck available

         ## 2nd Doe available

Once a selection is made, please email us at: for their respective prices. The price does not include  transport cost and we encourage potential buyers to pick up their goats at the farm. For this year we might not be able to provide transport. Kids will be released after weaning(3rd month) tested negative for CAE and Brucella. Price includes cost for the tests and ADGA registration if applicable. Shipping permit and veterinary health certificate will be provided. Hemosep vaccination will be given if required.

NUBIANS                                 KIDDING DATE      BUCK      DOE
Wil O Dq x Makisig                  12.18.2015                1R            1R           
BB118 Amor x Makisig            12.18.2015                                  1R
Summer x Eric                           12.19.2015              1R                 ##2R
Somethin' x Makisig                  1.20.2015                                 1R                      
Claudia x Handsome                  12.21.2015                                 ##2R
Spirit x Makisig                          12.22.2015                1R           1R      
BB117 Aisaa x Makisig              12.22.2015                              ##2R
Penafrancia x Eric                      12.23.2015                                 1R
BB414 x Makisig                        12.23.2015                              1R
Sunset x Cisco                             12.23.2015                              1R
BB715 Adelaida x Makisig         12.24.2015                                1R
BB525 x Makisig                         12.24.2015                                1R
Comfort x Makisig                       12.25.2015                              1R
Playgirl x Makisig                        12.26.2015                             1R2R
BB248 x Cisco                              12.28.2015                             1R
Dana x Cisco                                 12.29.2015                             1R
Bicolana x Eric                             12.29.2015                               ## 2R   
Dixie x Eric                                   12.29.2015                 #           1R
Isabelle x Pride of Naga                12.30.2015                              1R2R
Girlfriend x Handsome                  1.5.2016                                  ##
Ethel x Makisig                              1.11.2016                               1R
Cashmere x Makisig                      1.13.2016                             ##2R
BB109 x Cisco                               1.14.2016                             1R
SJE Moon's Edge x Handsome      1.22.2016                                 1R
SML Moons' Sue Lana                   1.23.2016                                1R
       x Handsome
Tweety x Handsome                       1.24.2016                  #             ##2R
Mary Poppins x Eric                       2.10.2016                                1R
BB885 x Cisco                                3.17.2016
Loretta x Makisig                            3.22.2016                               1R
BB164 x Makisig                            3.25.201                                  1R

LAMANCHA                             KIDDING DATE    BUCK    DOE
Vera x Epoch                              12.28.2016                               ##2R
Samara x Quatsino Q                 12.31.2015                                ##2R
Eartha x Quatsino  Q                  1.5.2016                                   1R
Enara x Epoch                            1.5.2016                                   1R
Trouble x Quatsino Q                 1.7.2016                                  ##2R
Fedex x Black Magic                  1.12.2016                 #              ##2R
Elizabeth x Quatsino Q               1.21.2016                                1R
Solar x Epoch                              1.27.2016                #               ##2R
Flare x Epoch                              3.7.2016                                   1R
Funny Girl x Quatsino Q             3.21.2016                                1R

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