First Choice Goat Products First Choice Goat Products First Choice "Goat milk? Great milk!" FIRST CHOICE is the carrying brand of NCGF's Goat Milk and Milk products. Only the best comes from the first. 185931995 The Health Benefits of Goat Milk A brief presentation of the health benefits of goat milk and a comparison table in which goat milk is put in line with other dairy sources. These facts show how goat milk is superior and only second to human mother's milk. 185931994 First Choice Dairy Products In Naga CIty Goat Farm, milking, handling, processing, bottling and storage is critical. Only the finest milk from the best dairy breed sources are allowed to be used in the production of the dairy products. From old-fashioned milking methods to bottling and distribution, First Choice only produces dairy products that you not only need, but deserve. Choose the best choice: First Choice. 185932459 Goat Milk Soap From grass to goat to milk to soap, First Choice only utilizes the best for the best. Using Naga City Goat Farms own secret recipe & method, First Choice Goat Milk Soap is the premiere goat milk soap ready for use. Goat milk soap has the same pH level as human skin, making it skin friendly. It also has caprine and capryllic acid which acts as an anti-fungi factor to goat milk soap. These are just a few of the benefits that First Choice Goat Milk Soap has to offer. 185932460