Naga City, Camarines Sur  Philippines

Naga City Goat Farm

Our business. Your Health.

Why goat farm?

Few years back, we were invited to do a presentation to participants in one of the seminars sponsored by the Department of Trade Industry - Region 5. The objective of the talk is to give an idea why we engaged into goat raising and what are the characteristics of a successful goat farmer. The slide presentation might guide or help us in making a decision to go full time farming not necessarily a goat farm.

What is Naga City Goat Farm?

Naga City Goat Farm is the premiere goat farm in Camarines Sur; boosting social relevance, education as well as health-awareness regarding dietary milk, cheese, and meat. Naga City Goat Farm is top-of-the-line in breeding, and also produces premium goat milk, cheese, and soap. Our farm's mission is to develop dairy goats that can produce an acceptable volume of milk daily with a reasonable amount of lactating days, without affecting the well-being of the animal in local settings, using the most humane methods possible for the benefit of the animal and the animal's produce. For the past two years, our farm has been intensively infusing the best genetics available into our herd
We have the capability to proudly claim that we are at the forefront in promoting goat meat and milk as the healthiest food, supreme to that of our usual diets. It is not an alternative to the other kind but the first choice. It's our opinion that all in this industry should consider that the main purpose that we are involved is to produce food. Needless to say: "WE, IN THE GOAT INDUSTRY, ARE VERY WELL ON THE RIGHT TRACK - GOAT MEAT IS THE LEANEST RED MEAT AND GOAT MILK IS THE HEALTHIEST NEXT TO A HUMAN MOTHER'S MILK."

Naga City Goat Farm is the home to the best-tasting goat milk: FIRST CHOICE GOAT MILK; carrying the slogan "GATAS NG KAMBING MAGALING!" Also produced alongside First Choice Goat Milk are FIRST CHOICE GOAT CHEESE and FIRST CHOICE GOAT MILK SOAP.

We select only the best goats to milk and handle, process and store our milk with extreme caution in order to preserve the sweetness and taste of the milk.

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